About Us

An Educational Sanctuary rooted in Love, Family, Self-Sustainability and Spiritual Values. 

    Legacy EarthKeepers Academy of Permaculture (L.E.A.P) provides wholistic community support with an after school program, events, workshops, courses, garden activities, retreats and community application in permaculture and Earth Schooling philosophies. It services the community at large regardless of age, race or creed and seeks to be all-encompassing in its ability to bring forth unified groups seeking to renew sacred lands.

Wholistic Communities for Eco-Conscious Living

    L.E.A.P hosts families who are using the Earthschool Curriculum from The BEarth Institute. Save over 50% on your lifetime family membership by joining through L.E.A.P! The membership grants you access to the online curriculum plus helps fund L.E.A.P on-site courses, and after school programs that are being developed specially for our members! L.E.A.P Chapters are being established globally so families can travel to study amongst diverse cultures for a true World Experience. 


Grow. Unite. Empower. Connect.

Our Mission: As EarthKeepers, our intention is to assist in the renewal of the planet and its sacred lands by the development and preparation of Eco-Edu Communities that are able to live on and off grid.

By creating a Legacy for Generations to com, we can restore the natural essence and rhythms of the planet. A fruit tree planted for each new birth, a house built for each family. A place to call HOME.

Families Learning, Loving, Thriving, Staying Together.


Legacy Earthkeepers Academy of Permaculture (LEAP) is a Fiscally Sponsored Project of Ashland School of Environmental Technology, Inc. (ASET). ASET is an Oregon Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Corporation Founded in 1978.