EarthSchool Curriculum

What is Earthschooling?
    Earthschooling is the Waldorf, award-winning, homeschool curriculum you have been waiting for! Used by homeschoolers, public school teachers and Waldorf teachers world-wide, Earthschooling is an earth-based, creative, hands-on, international, multicultural and comprehensive curriculum. It is the only Waldorf curricula that includes Eurythmy (creative & therapeutic & educational movement).
    Earthschooling coordinates with your state or region’s core curriculum standards and can send your student a certificate and transcript for their completed year of school.  In addition, a certified Waldorf teacher is available online weekly to reply to member questions.
    Includes cultural support materials with all curricula in watercolor verses in Spanish, French, Arabic and much more. Offers a high school portal so students can do their Waldorf high school lessons on their own.
    There is a private member blog with extra lessons, verses, all the old Q & A sessions and useful articles contributed by members. Offers a complete set of videos to support your development as a teacher in the areas of handwork, chalk drawing, block crayon drawing, all levels of watercolor and more. Earthschool has won awards from and

  • This curriculum has been adapted to multi-cultural relevance and to be accessible for over 42 countries. This means that families who are using it can travel and learn from different climates, cultures, teachers, courses, and experiences!

  • This program fulfills all public school standard requirements. It also provides the ability for kids to be certified with a High School Diploma and prepared for higher education after graduating.

  • Kids Can Heal program

  • Advantages of participating in EarthSchooling through L.E.A.P.

  • Homework- Focus on no or light homework load and work primarily in classes or during designated school time. Students create their own lesson books. Outside of class kids may have extra reading, working on their lesson book, and extra practice homework if needed. Teachers/parents are encouraged to address WHY assignments aren't being completed in classes, whether the material is being understood/taught well, and adapting it to fit any child's needs who are struggling or not connecting to/interested in it.