Are you ready to be a part of a collaborative that is creating a practical, empowering, and deeply nourishing commitment to our society's health and well-being?

Who We Are

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"The Earth, its life, and our lives are a gift. The gift calls us to defend and nurture the regenerative potential of the Earth.
Return Earth’s generosity with our own gifts of healing."
~Kathleen Dean Moore

Community Eco-Education

L.E.A.P. holds a long-term vision of bringing communities into sustainable ways of living for several generations to come. We offer a platform for skill-building workshops, deeply connective retreats, and nature immersion for all ages and walks of life. 

Sharing resources and developing nourishing practices are high priorities of our team. 

Interdependent Family Support

As hard-working parents, we are driven to build a strong community of people from all demographics and diverse experiences to be a part of our team.

Just as ecosystems thrive with several types of species that perform unique functions to weave the intricate web of life, our academy's web of support is linked together by several types of participants and courses offered.


Earthschooling is the Waldorf, award-winning homeschool curriculum that provides  appropriate lesson blocks for a child’s age, handwork lessons, nature crafts, nature walk ideas, and more! Used by homeschoolers, public school teachers and Waldorf teachers world-wide, Earthschooling is an earth-based, creative, hands-on, international, multi-cultural and comprehensive curriculum

The mark of every Golden age is that the children are the most important members of society and teaching is the most revered profession."
~Chinese proverb